AmigaOS4 - Work in Progress

Hi AmigaOS4 Fans!

Super Star Blast runs on AmigaOS4.1 !

So far there is only a first working version and a lot of energy has to flow into the optimizations for AmigaOS. We also don't know yet whether it will run smoothly on all systems. Therefore there will also be new settings for quality and performance to cover as many configurations as possible.

The game will require Warp3D Nova and a compatible graphics card!

Here is a first video:

Configuration: AmigaOS4.1 - AmigaOne X1000 - RadeonRX 560 - Warp3D Nova - OpenGLES (newest versions)

Have fun and thanks for watching!

Frank and Thomas


Game Website:

EntwicklerX - GbR Thomas Claus und Frank Menzel


Coding: Frank Menzel
Graphics: Thomas Claus 

Copyright 2022 - EntwicklerX 

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